Perler / Hama Bead Addict

You may be able to tell from a couple of my previous posts that I’m bit of a pixel art fanatic. My first couple of pixel art projects, Paint Chip Portrait: Marilyn Monroe and Paint Chip Mosaic Frenzy (obvious by their titles) were made from paint chips. Lots of paint chips. After slaving away at them and pulling a couple of all nighters, I have no desire to work with paint chips ever again. So when I came across Perler and Hama beads, which comparatively work up in no time, I was sold.

Naturally, every time I dive into a new form of craft, I get so enthusiastic that I start forming a business plan in my head and justify that it’s fine to spend a couple of hundred dollars on supplies to begin with because, well, I’m going to turn it into a business and my passion will never die for it because my eyes are bigger than my pocket (tell me that term makes sense out of my head?).

Enough of this faff. Let’s move onto pictures. To save you from scrolling, I have compiled all the images into one at the top. Larger pictures are below for closer inspection.




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