Image Transfers on Wood

While coming up with ideas to announce our pregnancy, I came across the technique of transferring images onto wood. It’s so easy to do and you don’t need much to accomplish it. The result looks great and the possibilities are endless!

I watched a few video tutorials on youtube. Here’s one that was one of the easiest to follow:

Wood Transfer Pictures by HeyKayli

Since my bub was to be born in the year of the wood horse, I wanted to incorporate the texture of wood and an image of a horse in our announcement design. I wanted to keep the design simple so just went with a typographic approach on the front and a simple image on the back.



I like that each piece turned out differently. This depended on the pattern of the wood and how much of the ink was transferred. Sometimes the ink didn’t transfer consistently but I liked that too as it gave it a faded look and allowed the wood to come through.

Now, funny thing is… We were expecting a boy, as you can see from the announcements. The sonographer told us that he was 98% certain that bub was going to be a boy. When a professional who specialises in their field tells you something like that, you don’t question them do you?! So we told our family and friends the news. Got showered with blue clothes left and right. Got mentally prepared to hold my son in my arms after labor. Lo and behold, when the midwife passed bub up to me, I got the biggest shock! But I feel so blessed. She is the most beautiful thing – don’t we all say that about our own! Hehe. Lesson learnt. We will be keeping the gender of the next one a secret!

So naturally, all gifts for the rest of 2014, were image transfers on wood! Ha.

Here’s some Winnie the Pooh wood blocks I made for my new nephew, born two months before my daughter. The wood pattern really came through under the colours.


Christmas presents for the fam:


The ones on the right are images that my siblings chose themselves. The one on the left is a Terry Gilecki painting I chose for my parents. I accidentally scrubbed too hard when I was removing the paper and that’s why you can see vertical lines through to the wood. But I like that.


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