Chevron Afghan #2


A chevron afghan I made for my nephew’s first birthday. My sister wanted it in a neutral colour so that it can potentially be used for her second child too.

The chevron pattern is so easy to crochet. This afghan is inspired by a pastel green and white baby afghan by SPK Design on Etsy. I liked it so much that I tried to replicate it.

IMG_6531 copy

The afghan is crocheted in 8ply acrylic yarn with a 6mm hook. Each side of the peak/valley is made up of 8 single crochets. Finished size to come, it’s currently hanging out to dry after being soaked in fabric softener. This took me just over a week to make. I can’t wait to gift it at my nephew’s Up theme birthday party on Sunday! =D



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  1. spkdesign

    Since imitation is the greatest form if flattery, I am thrilled that you were inspired by my afghan on Etsy. You did an admirable job with in addition. I find it to be a wonderful compliment that you would want to copy my work. In the future, I would hope that you would refer anyone who would also want one of these afghans directly to me via the Etsy web site. Thank you,

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