Goody Goody Gum Drops


I’ve escaped Wellington’s coming winter only to land in what’s probably, one of Sydney’s most hot and humid autumns. Whatever the season is, there’s nothing quite like letting your inner child out and enjoying your favourite flavoured cone. This beanie was requested from a friend for a four month boy. She knew exactly what she wanted and supplied me with images of what she had in mind. All I had to do was figure out how to make it! Hmm I love a good challenge and had quite a lot of fun figuring this one out.

There was a lot of unravelling involved but they say, practice makes perfect.. I hope so anyway! I attempted two approaches, the latter worked out best and is what I went with.


What I first had in mind was to crochet a beanie with the waffle pattern as a base. The lime ice cream would then sit over top and attach to the base. After I actually made the cone base, it occurred to me that the finished beanie would be very thick as it would end up being double layered. It was a waste of materials and time as I’d pretty much be making two beanies… And frankly, New Zealand gets cold but not so much that you’d need to wear two beanies.. Well, not until we’ve drifted so far south that we can call the Antarctic our backyard, hop on over in the weekends for some good ol’ ice skating. Back to square one!


My second (and final) attempt was to crochet the lime ice cream part first and then attach the waffle cone to the end before the drips. There was only a bit of the cone that was going to be exposed anyway so it made sense to only make the bottom of the beanie this pattern. The top is done in rounds to avoid the line created when rows are joined. The bottom waffle part is done in rows.

It took me a while to figure out how to make the raised criss cross part of the cone. Mainly because I was searching for the wrong keywords! I typed in what I thought would be the most obvious words; waffle, cone, criss cross, grid, diagonal… etc. There were a lot of waffle patterns but I liked the look of the stitch running on the diagonal. With much persistence, I found that the pattern is actually called a honeycomb lattice (doh!) I used a tutorial on ehow by braniac with a few of my own adjustments so that the size of the crosses would look better in ratio with the overall size of the beanie. Someday I need to compile my own database of crochet stitches. I’m sure there are ones out there that I have yet to stumble upon.


I’d love to know if anyone has craft projects out there that have been inspired by their favourite ice cream flavour or dessert. Till next time, happy long Easter weekend everyone!


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