Elizabethan Ruffle


I made this to wear at an Alice in Wonderland themed party. I initially wanted to make the outfit that the rabbit wore when he appeared in the red queen’s court (top right image). However, the party fell on the same day I had to move out of my flat and I was also flying out to Sydney early the next morning. Boy I really cut it close! So unfortunately I only had time to make the ruffle.

I followed a youtube tutorial by sumikins. The ruffle turned out exactly as it should, although I didn’t have enough ribbon to create that accordion effect around my entire neck. I ended up using a scrap piece of ribbon that was long enough to sew to the main ruffle piece (to act as the collar) as well as tie into a bow behind my neck.

March has been hectic! Along with the big move over the ditch, I’ve been busy with crafts, mainly for little ones. Hopefully I’ll have them finished soon. Eeek, time has been flying.

Excuse the bad pics. The ruffle is no longer in my possession and this was all I’d snapped at the time.

Image at top right sourced from:


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