Dragon Born Beanie

The baby dragon beanie is finally finished.


I started this beanie a couple of days ago and blogged about it in Dragon / Dinosaur Beanie (in progress). Here are some more shots of the process.

process copy

The horns were made using Diana’s tutorial on MyGurumi. I used a 3 mm hook and 8 ply acrylic wool. The first horn I made actually came out spiral shaped, which I liked – I must have miscounted some stitches, because the second one I made looked like what it was supposed to… So I made a third one and the ones that matched, were the horns I used.

process2 copy

I cut up some multi purpose foam that I had lying around and stuffed the horns so they’d keep their shape. I also crocheted some green yarn to attach to the bottom of the horns so that they appeared to be protruding from the skin of the head…

And finally, I made some baby sized ears to attach below the horns..

IMG_4660 copy

My storm trooper modelling the beanie..




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  1. Wow! Such fun and beautifully made.

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