Starburst / Catherine’s Wheel / Harlequin / Full Circle Stitch

I’ve decided to ditch the Lark’s foot afghan. I’m just not happy with it. Instead I came across this beautiful Starburst stitch and thought that the colours I’d already bought (blues and greens) would look great in this wave-like stitch. This time around, I did a sampler. With the Lark’s foot afghan, I crocheted five rows of 200 stitches across (to get all the colours in) before putting up the flag. It took ages… only to be unravelled. Lesson learnt, sample blocks from here on!

I had trouble finding a tutorial to do this, possibly because the stitch is referred to by a number of names (I think?). On the web, it’s been referred to as a Starburst stitch, Harlequin stitch or Catherine’s wheel stitch. I had a look through my book called 280 crochet shell patterns and found a similar (if not the same) stitch called the Full circle. This is my sample block.


Mine doesn’t look as good as the Starburst stitch. Hmph. Could it be that they’re actually all different stitches? This is the problem I had with my Lark’s foot afghan – my attempts don’t turn out looking as good as the photos that inspired me in the first place. It’s most probably my tension or the weight of yarn I’m using. Back to square one. I’m taking a break from this and working on something much more uplifting… Stay tuned for my next post.. =]


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  1. How cute!
    I think your version looks better than the Starburst stitch you linked to.

  2. Thank you. You are too nice.. =]

  3. cathy

    where can i find this pattern

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