Dragon / Dinosaur Beanie (in progress)

I am making this beanie to accompany the last cathedral window quilt I made. They’re for a friend’s nephew. She’s gifting them to her sister at the baby shower sometime later this month.

My friend’s nephew was born last year, the year of the dragon. The quilt is in green tones so I thought it would be cute to make him a little dragon beanie to go with it. After having a look around for inspiration, I came across the crocodile stitch. What’s great about this stitch is that it can take on many forms, depending on the colours and number of stitches, it can be used to make flower petals, ruffles, feathers or in my case, reptilian scales.



Well, it looks like a bunch of leaves at the moment, almost like a laurel wreath. I’m still deciding what elements to add to it. It’s either going to be horns or spikes. Do dragons have horns?? Must google that. I actually wanted to start it off with earflaps but as I was just learning the stitch, I thought I’d better stick with the basic stuff first.

There are a few tutorials on the web that I found but only a couple specific to making beanies. I watched/read them first before I begun and also added some of my own adjustments. I’ve recorded what I’ve done, but I’m sure it will make no sense to anyone other than me. Till I decide to make it read-worthy, here are some existing tutorials:

Crochet Petal Beanie Tutorial by bobwilson123

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Hat Pattern by cats rockin crochet

Crocodile Stitch by Jenny


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