Lark’s Foot Afghan (in progress)

February is going to be a big month. Both my younger sister’s birthdays fall on this month, four days apart. My oldest sister, her husband and daughter will also be coming over to visit. Time to get crafting..

My youngest sister is turning 21, so I wanted to make her something extra special.. A custom made crochet blanket. I have an image collection of afghans in cool colours and patterns on my Pinterest account so I asked her to choose some she liked. Here’s how it’s going so far…

I’m not sure how much wool I’m going to need. For good measure, I bought 8 x 100 g. Two of each colour. I am following a Lark’s foot tutorial by Teresa Richardson. She’s written up instructions along with a video and a diagram of crochet symbols (the latter I find extremely helpful).


I am using a 4 mm hook and 8 ply acrylic wool. In the gauge I’m working in, I crocheted 202 chains at the beginning for a width of 128 cm.




For some reason the green looks washed out in these photos. It’s actually a lot brighter. I’m sitting on the fence at the moment as to whether I should carry on. I’m not too happy with the colour or the way the pattern’s turning out. Might need a break to think about it. Till then, I’ll keep you all posted!


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  1. Sam

    It’s beautiful the way it is. I just love the colors.

  2. I made one like this years ago in earth tone colors. I remember they used to call it the bear claw stitch. I love the color combination – can’t wait to see it when you’re finished, 🙂

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