Paint Chip Mosaic Frenzy

Over the years, I’ve been through countless phases. Craft phases. My soul thrives on new projects. When I fall in love with a craft, I commit myself wholeheartedly to it (in the beginning anyway). An overindulgence in craft. That is my weakness, if such a thing does exist.

What got me started on the next phase was my first mosaic of Marilyn Monroe. This was just the beginning. For Christmas, I made A3 sized paint chip mosaics for my three younger siblings. I asked them what their favourite video game characters were, then set off on a journey to create them into mosaics. This is how they turned out.

The characters are Bulbasuar, Ultimate Chimera and Sonic the Hedgehog.




I ran short of time and didn’t end up completing the background for Bulbasaur. My sister didn’t mind though, it gives the effect that Bulbasaur just landed on the paper.


Here are some shots of the process:


I used a perler bead sprite as a guide to create Sonic the Hedgehog.




Cross stitch patterns were used as a guide to create Bulbasaur and Ultimate Chimera.

IMG_4083     IMG_4090


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