Looking Back, Frozen Memories

My sister gave these frames to my parents one christmas but never had the time to put photos in. Her idea was to put baby photos of all us kids in. I offered to do it.. and a year later, here they are.


I actually had a lot of fun looking through our old photo albums to pick out appropriate photos. It brought back a lot of fond memories of growing up. I tried to find photos with us all around the same age. I come from a family of six kids and looking back, it seems so sudden how we all split off on our own paths. I don’t think I really appreciated it at the time when my whole family was living under one roof. It’s as I grow older, when time feels like it’s flying past, that I try hard to stop and remember the moments I want to pass on to my kids. Oh well, if the mind fails me, there’ll always be photos.


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