Hexagons, Japanese Prints and Hidden Treasures

In 2011, I found a little shop tucked away that sold Japanese knick knacks, old kimonos and beautiful scraps of fabric. I immediately went into salvage mode and started digging around like a treasure deprived tomb raider.

These are some fabrics I picked up to add to my stash. What I love about these is that not only are the prints beautiful, but some have textures on them too.

sep-11 122

This one reminds me of arrowheads.. Oh but perhaps they are?

sep-11 040b

Love the combination of flora intertwined with geometric patterns.

sep-11 045b

I am hoping to make a hexagon quilt out of the scraps. This was the beginning…

sep-11 125

Since it’s quite time consuming preparing the hexagons and hand sewing them, I took my time deciding how I wanted the design. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t become another one of my abandoned projects…

sep-11 135

sep-11 137

I also picked up this happy fellow, which I’ve been told is actually a Buddha. I’m not sure what type of wood he’s carved out of but it sure is weighty.

sep-11 145

.. And not to forget, this feisty little one.

sep-11 143


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  1. I love Hexis …I hope you keep us updated on your progress!

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