Cathedral Window Quilt #4


This quilt uses the same colour scheme as one I made earlier for my nephew. I’ve just added alternating rows of blank window inserts. I thought the first quilt looked way too busy. The blank fabric (same fabric used for most of quilt) adds space and breaks up the patterned fabrics. It’s personal preference really. This quilt is also one block wider and longer than my previous cathedral window quilts.

I never posted shots of the process involved in making one of these so here they are.






.. The finished product. Excuse the crooked shot. I placed the quilt on the bed to photograph as I didn’t want to dirty it on the floor.. However, being vertically challenged I had to stretch my arms up to get the whole quilt in.




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  1. Wow! Is this by hand or machine? Is it hard?

    • This particular one was by machine. I’ve made four so far. My first one was hand sewn and took forever, but I think that it does get easier. Machine sewing is slightly quicker but I found that when I sewed by hand, I had more control tucking the fabric in and moving it to where I wanted. There is a whole lot of ironing and folding involved. I followed a great tutorial by Hyena in Petticoats. You sew the batting in as you go which I like. It only gets harder when the quilt gets bigger maneuvering it around on the sewing machine. I look forward to seeing yours if you decide to give it a go.. 🙂

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