Finn the Human Beanie

.. A warrior’s beanie.

My boyfriend’s sister wanted me to make a beanie for her baby nephew. When asked what character she’d like, she chose Finn from Adventure Time. Here’s my attempt at making Finn’s hat.




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  1. Julie

    Do you sell these?

  2. lluvia

    Do you have a pattern?

  3. Nijah

    Could you please please please send me the pattern for this my little brother would love this for his birthday

    • Sorry Nijah, I winged this and didn’t think to record the steps at the time. I basically just started crocheting a normal beanie in rounds. When the beanie reached just above the eyebrow, I left enough stitches (opening) for the face and went back and forth turning sides when I reached either edge. I then started decreasing the middle around the nape of the neck and then added stitches for the bottom flap. The final step on the main piece is to single crochet around the whole edge to clean it up (inner opening for face, bottom flap right around to back of beanie). Crochet two ears, stuff and attach to top of beanie. Sew button onto flap. Viola! Hope that helps. When I have time, I’ll write up the pattern and add a link here… =]

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