First post, hello world!

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

― Mother Teresa

Maybe it was the way I was raised, maybe it’s in my personality or maybe it’s a combination of both. I am a very results-driven person. That’s where I find purpose, in the things I make. Growing up, my parents were always rushing my siblings and I to reach the next milestone, to quickly conquer the task; get a job, get my drivers licence, graduate from university, find my place in the world. When I am not actively accomplishing something, there is a deep feeling of panic bubbling inside of me. That, for me, is where crafting comes in..

I craft to procrastinate. I craft to find solace. I craft because I enjoy it..

Wow, hope that glimmer into my soul wasn’t too intense of a start. Let’s pop that back in place, sew it up and get on with it. This is my first blog and I want my first few posts to be a bit of a catchup on some crafts I’ve done up until the present. So without further ado..


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Designer / Crafter

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