Totoro Beanie

This beanie was intended for my nephew but my measurements came out a tad small so I ended up selling it to a friend for her newborn nephew.



I came up with the design by looking at various pictures of Totoro. I had just come across a crochet stitch that resembled knitting. The stitch is called Tunisian crochet and I wanted to try it out as it seemed like a cheats way to get the look I wanted but in half the time (I thought so anyway). However, the stitch when crocheted comes out much thicker and has less give than it’s knitted equivalent, something I hadn’t accounted for, hence the disappointing end of a beanie not fit for a 4 month old.

To determine the overal size of the beanie, positioning of the earflaps and facial features, I crocheted a test swatch of the stitch in the selected wool. This then gave me an idea of how many stitches I needed to make up the circumference measured around my nephews head. I drew a rough grid and drew up the features on scrap paper to guide me as I crocheted. A lot of stitch counting was involved along with a lot more unravelling.

Here’s a progress shot.


Due to the way the tunisian stitch is created, the ends of the work do roll up. Luckily with this beanie I had planned on sewing in a fleece lining. Just something to note for future reference. I wasn’t too happy with the nose at this point so I ended up creating a muzzle which sat on top of the original nose. This gave the beanie a 3D affect which I was quite happy with.

I actually ended up putting this on Etsy before my friend bought it. It attracted quite a bit of interest so who knows, I may write the pattern up in all it’s complicated detail. Till then, onto the next thing!


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  1. stitchscience

    This is lovely. I love totoro. He was one of my first craft projects ever , I crocheted a plushie version of him. You should write up the pattern if you get the chance , people would love it. 🙂

    • Thanks stitchscience. Loving your creations too. Did you blog about your crochet Totoro plushie? Would love to see it.. 🙂 I will definitely try and write up the pattern for this amongst all the other new and exciting projects that are screaming for my attention.. Good luck with your first conference talk!

  2. snow

    How did you make the whiskers?

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