Paper Craft: Gundam

There is something about starting out with a flat sheet of paper and folding it to create something that is indistinguishable from being created from paper in the first place that I find very intriguing. When I first came across images of paper craft Gundam I couldn’t believe that these models could be created from paper. I instantly started collecting up images of all the different models. I wanted to make them all, a whole collection.. That is after I attempted my first one. I still haven’t finished it, but it stands proudly, reminding me how the twist, curves and folds of paper can create unbelievable forms.




This gundam was printed onto A4 paper. The finished size minus the jet pack is approximately 17 cm tall. The printed pieces turned out very small, hence very hard to work with. With my second attempt, I printed the Samurai gundam onto A3 paper which proved much easier to work with. I’ve yet to go back and finish him.. He’s just all head at the moment.



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