Kelly’s 21st – Masquerade

For my sister’s 21st, I helped her with some of the design aspects. Her party had a masquerade theme and was held at an underground bar that had a maroony-gold-black colour scheme, and floral wallpaper which I thought very fitting for the event.

For the invite, I drew on Alphonse Mucho’s artwork, a renowned artist with a distinct style. The style incorporates very decorative elements. His subjects were normally drawn clothed in toga-like garments, their hair in flowing masses of tendrils with flowers nestled around.

Here’s the final invite printed on coloured card stock.


I sourced alot of Alphonse Mucha’s artwork and traced around the decorative elements in Freehand (it’s all I had at the time >_<; ). The vectors were then scaled and positioned where I wanted them. The image of my sister was taken from a photograph. I just used brushes in photoshop and painted on top to create a resemblance to her. Here is the invite before print.


I printed the invites on blank A4 and then colour copied them onto the card stock. This created some areas which were faded, a nice effect as I was going for the aged look. I also chose a stock with a creamy-peach tinge to add to the ageing. The name of the invitees were printed separately and transferred onto the invite using acetone.

For the photo area background I used a demask pattern repeated across. The area was quite large, over two metres in length and height. There was no way I was going to pay for a print that size. I photoshopped the demask pattern so that it was seamless and printed the pattern onto A3 paper, this numbered over 40 prints in order to cover the area. My sister and I then pieced the A3 papers together, matching the patterns to create a large wallpaper.



The other photo area background..


A sign to remind guests to…


Here is the poster which was printed in A0 size.



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