Cathedral Window Quilt #1


The first time I saw a cathedral window quilt was when I came across the Memories of Grandma QuiltI was fascinated with the origami-like folds and marvelled at it’s beauty. All I could think about from then on was figuring out how to make my very own and what it would look like.

At the time, I didn’t know what the quilt was called and images/tutorials on the internet were scarce. Now the internet is abundant with various cathedral window projects from pin cushions to artworks made using this technique. I followed Hyena in Petticoat’s tutorial. The instructions are clear accompanied with images showing the process.

My cousin was just about to give birth to a girl and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than a hand-sewn quilt to welcome her. When I went shopping for fabric, I instantly fell in love with one that had Japanese flowers on it. It was so feminine and delicate, just perfect for this project.

Here is a progress shot. These blocks were sewn together to form the quilt.


Having just moved out to my first flat, I didn’t have a sewing machine nor did I want to make a 40 minute trip to and fro my parents place to use my mum’s sewing machine. With an eager mind and persistant hands, I hand-sewed this quilt in my spare time, after work and on weekends, finishing it in about a month and a half.





When held up, the light shines through parts of the quilt just like a cathedral window.


I also sewed an embroidered message on the quilt to make it a bit personal along with a hand drawn card of a forever friend bear.




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  1. I HAVE to try this. (adding it to the list)

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  3. Amanda

    This is beautiful. Well done.

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