3D Origami: Swans

I am all for crafting with free materials. I lived in Australia during my early teenage years and had friends that were really into their crafts. This opened my eyes up to a whole new world of crafting and I learnt a lot of techniques from them, paper-folding/origami was one of them.




My family didn’t have much back then so getting my hands on free materials to keep my hands busy made me pretty content. These swans are made from lotto paper… lots of lotto paper. Each piece is folded into the same triangular shape with slots to make one unit. The units are then connected together to form this swan and pretty much anything is possible.. Normally cute characters like Hello Kitty, Pochacco, Winnie the Pooh and you catch my drift.. But if you don’t do cute, I’ve seen some spectacular dragons and decorations.

Here’s a link by Jaxter showing how to fold the individual pieces:



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